Mission and Editorial Standards

The mission of Greater Sunnyvale is to promote civic engagement among residents of Sunnyvale and neighboring communities by:

  • Improving empathy and understanding among residents
  • Identifying problems and promoting solutions
  • Promoting awareness of local news

Therefor three types of article are envisioned:

Civic Profiles — Healthy civic engagement relies on an understanding of neighbors whose background, wealth, lifestyle, and political biases are at odds with our own. In Sunnyvale we have old-timers and newcomers … retirees, professionals, working class … foreign nationals, folks who speak English as a second or foreign language … young adults, parents, grand-parents. Everyone brings different concerns to the table, and by creating profiles of different residents we can build our empathy to more effectively drive civic improvement.

Some questions to ask of residents: What brought you to Sunnyvale? What have you seen change for the positive? What changes have you found discouraging?

Some questions to ask of businesses: What brought you to Sunnyvale? Who do you see as your customers? What went well in setting up shop here? What was more challenging? How was your experience working with the city for necessary permits, &c.?

Problem Solving — Identify and explain problems. Whenever possible, propose solutions to those problems. Ideally, identify the next steps toward enacting those solutions.

News — News of community and government efforts that impact the City and neighboring communities.