Sunnyvale City Employees Vote to Strike

The Sunnyvale Employees Association (SEA) is a labor union representing about 485 city employees.  The union has been in contract negotiations with the City of Sunnyvale since their previous contract expired in 2015. Negotiations have been at an impasse since June 2016, when the City issued its “final offer” of a 10% wage increase over 15 months. The union seeks a 17% increase, 4% of which would be retroactive while offering to increase employee retirement contributions.

SEA Strike Vote

Strike Vote and ballot.
Source: Kori Thompson

On Tuesday, 98% of union members voted to strike. On Wednesday, the city requested a court injunction to require essential workers to stay on the job, including water pollution control plant operators, environmental chemists, water and sewer plant crew leaders, landfill technicians, public safety records specialists and fire department fleet mechanics.

The SEA represents blue-collar and white-collar employees, including planners, engineers, mechanics, clerks, accountants, and technicians. Public safety, teachers, and solid waste collection would not be impacted by a strike.

UPDATE: there are conflicting media reports as to what the union in asking, ranging from 14% to 17%. This article has been revised to cite figures from The Mercury News.


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