Sunnyvale Employees to Strike May 1

The City of Sunnyvale has issued a Press Release confirming that city staff affiliated with the Sunnyvale Employees Union (SEA) will be on strike May 1.

Key takeaways:

  • Police, Fire, Garbage Services are not impacted
  • Parks, Library, Recreational, and Development Services will be limited or unavailable

During a strike, police, fire, dispatcher and EMT services will not be impacted; garbage collection also will not be interrupted. But many other services will not be available or limited to weekend-level staffing. Services at the Library, Community Center and Senior Center will be limited for the duration of the strike. There will be no counter service for City departments, including the City’s One-Stop Permit Center. Regular road service crews will not be in service, but emergency crews will be on standby and be available on an as-needed basis.

Labor negotiations have been ongoing since 2015, and a strike was authorized by union membership this Tuesday, April 25. Residents are advised to visit the city’s website for additional updates:


One thought on “Sunnyvale Employees to Strike May 1

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